Our vision: A world where democratic capacity can keep pace with AI advances.

Our mission: To accelerate work toward democratic governance and alignment of AI.

The AI & Democracy Foundation is both a non-profit funder and an advisor to philanthropic organizations, AI organizations, civil society, and governments on their funding and use of democratic processes.

We accelerate innovation, evaluation, and adoption of deliberative, democratic, human-centered, governance and alignment systems, for and with AI.

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For more about our overall goals, see this overview of our related work.


We plan to formally launch in 2024, and are currently coordinating a series of research outputs to inform our work and support the broader democratic AI ecosystem. The launch will be announced by CEO Aviv Ovadya via the Reimagining Technology newsletter and social media (LinkedIn, X/Twitter, Mastodon, Threads).


Want to join our team? We’re hiring for the following roles:

If you resonate with our work and don’t see a role above that fits, we’d still like to hear from you here.


If you are interested in joining relevant working groups, partnering, sharing related work, large donations, etc. please reach out here.

You can also reach out here or connect directly with Aviv Ovadya.